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Np mate, think we are all brushing up on the BOB atm lol, have dug out all my books and am re-reading again, currently on "Fighterboys" by Patrick Bishop.
Years ago I came across an old battered copy of "Helmet Wick das leben eines fliegerhelden" which was printed in 1941 after his death. Unfortunately I cant read german Maybe some german fans could recommend an OCR program i could use? All the english language one's ive tried fail except one, which unfortunatley isnt available in Australia (and they wont post here). Thought if i copy it using OCR software then purchase a quality translation software i could finally read it, maybe even find someone to publish it.

from the inside cover, "herausgegeben von der luftwaffen - illustrierten der adler" which when translated online = "published by the air forces - the eagle illustrated'

Wonder if the modern German airforce still holds the rights?


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