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Default Consumers are Fed Up with This!!


I have to say as a consumer I am shocked at what has happened! This is not good enough. The constant changing of the dates of release of RignRoll. This has gone on for too long. You have to understand that we as consumers are getting not just fustrated but really upset! This game has been in development for many years and every year it is the same thing over and over. " Rig n Roll will be out this year " then it starts with it will be out Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 and the year is over. This has been going on for too long. There are many people out there that really want this game. But because of they constant delaying of the game. Consumers like my self are just getting fed up and don't care about the game anymore. There is a couple of forums/ sites that have atleast 30,000 people and they are fed up and don't care if rig n roll will get release. These people would be that ones that Wouldnt buy the game. So that will be Over 30,000 consumers that will not buy the game. Every year your push it back and give us false hopes. YOU are losing peoples interest in the game which would then cause you to not have the profit that you would prefer.

I am just about to say forget it. It will never come out and i would not buy the game. I am serious about this!

(if it is rude I am sorry but enough is enough)
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