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Hey, it's been a while. I remember you from the dust clouds thread, heh. Dang, I thought you were getting a better pc? I just got a new i7 laptop myself a month back, heh. Haven't reinstalled SW3 on it yet though - been kinda busy playing SupComFA games with my buddies (now that my machine doesn't lag, hehe). I'd be playing this game except that I tend not to replay games if there's an expansion on the way - else I'll burn out too fast.

Yeah, I didn't really do a proper balance of the stuff here, more or less a few quick fly bys a couple of systems and that was it. Couldn't help solo high end ships being too godly though, since late in the game the numerical odds against you are ridiculous.

I don't remember much about the prices, but I think if I made them too cheap they'd be too easy to buy. On the other hand, too pricey then it's easy to get rich selling them. Plus there was the whole everything-needs-to-be-rebalanced thing hanging over our heads and I figured it wasn't worth the effort, especially with the expansion coming -- soon? next year? :/

Generally though I play this together with those other two mods, the mothership one and the one with more populated systems. Forgot the names, d'oh, but I think there should be a pack floating around the forums here.

Couldn't also figure out how to decouple the damage-to-blast radius thing iirc, as well as the launch sounds - comments should be in that large modding thread. Most likely won't be touching this anytime soon but I'll drop by from time to time. I'm waiting for the expansion actually. I hope the other modders are sticking around too, I never really got the hang of editing the scripting.

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