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Okay, I just receives a reply from tech support. Here's what they said:

Try the following:

1) it is possible that game does not like latest Nvidia drivers. You may try
rolling back to older driver for your graphics card - I suggest this one -
2) make sure your CPU or graphics card aren`t overheating.
3) if you have any HW component overclocked, set it to default values
4) try reinstalling directx - latest release can be found here -
5) deactivate your screensaver
6) deactivate your monitor`s energy saving features
7) set your desktop resolution to the one which you are using in game (that
means if you are playing game in 1280x1024, set your desktop resolution to
1280x1024 too)
In case anyone else is having the same problemn, the driver rollback did it for me.
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