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Originally Posted by BH_woodstock View Post
i was wondering...having a game browser list in il2 never worked.we all relied on 3rd party places like UBI and HL.

the game has had performance issues from the start.Is it possible that this game client that is built in to the game engine be causing the performance hits??The Client server has to talk to the game for each person that joines regardless of what server they prefer.This makes sence if you think about it. With all the far distance landscaping the engine needs to generate with all effects and such it seems to much for the game itself to have a server client engine running at the same time. What would happen if that server list was gone and we relied on our old ways of 3rd party lobbies?This could free up resources in the game itself.Can someone of importance look into this please?

this is not no little sandbox or tiny call of duty maps.having the server client list removed would even help with bandwidth.who needs it if it does not have the features we need?

can a dev look into this please... thank you.

Ermm you do know how IL2 mission work dont you? You do know that we all have tha maps on our own computers and its simply a .txt file or two that is sent accross to the client. You make it sound like the server renders everyones graphics...

Do you realise there is proberbly some monies involved with Ubisoft and Steam and that the devs and 1c proberbly can't touch HL with a barge pole?

Unfortunatley the best way right now to see all the servers is through Steam. ATAG hosts a free to use team speak 3. Having a chat feature is redundant. Why type when I can actually talk to someone?

Has HL had a GUI facelift latley? Last time I used it it was like using something from windows 3.1, it really made me mad and all I wanted to do was change the file directory and I could'nt remember how to do it. This is why I uninstalled it in the first place.

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