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Originally Posted by Nike-it View Post
Sample both the frying pan and the fire in the new official demo for NecroVisioN. This old school FPS is set during the First World War and takes players into bowels of Hell itself.
Visit for a list of mirrors to download the NecroVisioN demo now!

In the beginning of the demo you will have to battle your way through the German lines, dispatching the Kaiser’s soldiers as they fight from their trenches. Players will be able to use traditional Allied weapons, such as the Colt 1911 and the Lee Enfield or select from the German Luger and Gewehr rifles once they have been taken from the battlefield. There are also sharp bayonets, heavy machine-guns, trench guns and if truly desperate, a shovel to batter the enemy’s spiked helmets flat.

Unfronutely i can not play the demo! My pc working ok until a few days ago.. The problem is that it shutdowns when i am playing a game in less than 20 minutes. I check the gpu temperatures and they are too high(96 c when i am playing games and and 65 c when i am just writing a text on microsoft office or when i am surfing net... I didnt have problem like these for a year ( i bought the 8800 gt in january 2008 and it has served me well until now) i try to play the demo but it is impossible because the pc shutdown after a few minutes... What happend? Why the gpu is getting so hot now?? Please help i want to play the demo and i cant because the stupid computer is overheating. I also checked the cpu temperature it dosent get any higher than 60 c.. Will a aftermaker cooler solve the prolbem? But it worked ok for a year without aftermarket cooler so why it is so hot now??
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