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need mirrors. this server is incredibly slow.

Originally Posted by BAXTER STOCKMAN View Post
Unfronutely i can not play the demo! My pc working ok until a few days ago.. The problem is that it shutdowns when i am playing a game in less than 20 minutes. I check the gpu temperatures and they are too high(96 c when i am playing games and and 65 c when i am just writing a text on microsoft office or when i am surfing net... I didnt have problem like these for a year ( i bought the 8800 gt in january 2008 and it has served me well until now) i try to play the demo but it is impossible because the pc shutdown after a few minutes... What happend? Why the gpu is getting so hot now?? Please help i want to play the demo and i cant because the stupid computer is overheating. I also checked the cpu temperature it dosent get any higher than 60 c.. Will a aftermaker cooler solve the prolbem? But it worked ok for a year without aftermarket cooler so why it is so hot now??
get your videocard fixed or replaced from the place you bought it.
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