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Default Saitek throttle quadrant problem

This is for IL2 HSFX Sturmovik game.
I have a high quality rig including 2 Saitek throttle quardants.
After programming initially all went well using them as throttle , elev trim , throttle etc over the 6 sticks of th 2 units.
Then one unit went native and refused to work proportionaly and as soon as you moved the stick it went from 0-100%.
This only happened on one stick. I reset controls and dumped the config file and rebooted many times , still the same. I then gave both sets to a friend who as yet has not used them so no current feed back.
I bought two more units !
Now one has gone native again.
The Saitek test software shows no problem and if i change the bad throttle to the secon quadrant it works fine. Somehow its in the game I believe.
Any ideas welcome
Thank you
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