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I'll start a new hero with an easier impossible level. Maybe 190% - after all I'm not an expert player and this is a new mod. I did find Royal Griff on a boat in bola before any fights btw. It had both Polar bear and Royal Griffin...

I changed this in logic.txt, so stats for HARD and IMPOSSIBLE are same except 170% and 190%, for instance rage/mana etc. Perhaps it should be exp=1.2|1.5|1.70|1.9 since most players know this game a lot and not playing normal easy/normal anymore (you would have to change alead accordingly too).

exp=1.0|1.3|1.70|1.9 // experience gained=1/exp ; if bigger than ALEAD then it takes longer to level up, was 0.5|1.0|1.30|1.7
alead=1.1|1.5|2.0|2.24 // enemy stacks -- exp and alead, was 0.7|1.1|1.5|2.0
spexp=1.0|1.15|1.3|1.3 // PET experience gained=1/spexp was 0.5|1.0|1.15|1.3
money=1.0|0.75|0.5|0.5 // gold from battle was 3.0|1.0|0.7|0.5
rage=1.0|0.85|0.7|0.7 // rage in battle was 2.0|1.0|0.85|0.7
manarage=1.0|0.85|0.5|0.5 // mana recovery was 1.0|1.0|0.80|0.5

start_gold=5.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. çîëîòà
start_crystals=5.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. êðèñòàëëîâ
start_mana=2.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ìàíû
start_rage=2.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ÿðîñòè
start_rune_might=3.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ðóí ñèëû
start_rune_mind=3.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ðóí äóõà
start_rune_magic=3.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ðóí ìàãèè
start_book=3.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ðàçìåð êíèãè

bossatk=1.0|1.0|1.4|1.7 // was 1.0|1.0|1.4|1.7
bosshp=1.0|1.0|1.4|2.0 // was 1.0|1.0|1.4|2.0
deadmoney=1.1|0.9|0.6|0.3 //was 3.0|2.0|1.7|1.5
boxradar= 1 | 0 | 0 | 0 // was 1 | 1 | 0 | 0

Here is the logic.txt : logic.txt
and eng_windows so the text is changed accordingly:

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