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Originally Posted by raknefne View Post
I'll start a new hero with an easier impossible level. Maybe 190% - after all I'm not an expert player and this is a new mod. I did find Royal Griff on a boat in bola before any fights btw. It had both Polar bear and Royal Griffin...

I changed this in logic.txt, so stats for HARD and IMPOSSIBLE are same except 170% and 190%, for instance rage/mana etc. Perhaps it should be exp=1.2|1.5|1.70|1.9 since most players know this game a lot and not playing normal easy/normal anymore (you would have to change alead accordingly too).

exp=1.0|1.3|1.70|1.9 // experience gained=1/exp ; if bigger than ALEAD then it takes longer to level up, was 0.5|1.0|1.30|1.7
alead=1.1|1.5|2.0|2.24 // enemy stacks -- exp and alead, was 0.7|1.1|1.5|2.0
spexp=1.0|1.15|1.3|1.3 // PET experience gained=1/spexp was 0.5|1.0|1.15|1.3
money=1.0|0.75|0.5|0.5 // gold from battle was 3.0|1.0|0.7|0.5
rage=1.0|0.85|0.7|0.7 // rage in battle was 2.0|1.0|0.85|0.7
manarage=1.0|0.85|0.5|0.5 // mana recovery was 1.0|1.0|0.80|0.5

start_gold=5.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. çîëîòà
start_crystals=5.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. êðèñòàëëîâ
start_mana=2.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ìàíû
start_rage=2.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ÿðîñòè
start_rune_might=3.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ðóí ñèëû
start_rune_mind=3.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ðóí äóõà
start_rune_magic=3.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ðóí ìàãèè
start_book=3.0|1.0|1.00|1.0 // íà÷àëüíûé êîýô. ðàçìåð êíèãè

bossatk=1.0|1.0|1.4|1.7 // was 1.0|1.0|1.4|1.7
bosshp=1.0|1.0|1.4|2.0 // was 1.0|1.0|1.4|2.0
deadmoney=1.1|0.9|0.6|0.3 //was 3.0|2.0|1.7|1.5
boxradar= 1 | 0 | 0 | 0 // was 1 | 1 | 0 | 0

Here is the logic.txt : Attachment 15634
and eng_windows so the text is changed accordingly: Attachment 15635

I'm back, raknefne!

I have beaten the impossible level with Warrior and Paladin! But not Mage, the last Boss fight is perhaps too hard for Mage I think.

I'm working on adding maps from WotN and Darkside these days and now the Riftlands is nearly done.

And by the way, please feel free to use my mod if you like.
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