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Originally Posted by Prowlinger View Post
I am trying to see if they made multiple 500x500 maps and linked them together (how I wonder?) or what...
It is quite easy to make larger maps than the default 500x500. However I do suggest that when making your first map, that you go for one of the default sizes, since it takes some time to get used to work with the editor and also takes a lot of time to make a large map interesting. My own opinion regarding map size, is that I will much rather play on a smaller map with lots of details, than a large map with a lot of empty, uninteresting areas...

To make your map larger than 500x500 use the Polygon tool. The Left Mouse Button adds size to your map and the Right Mouse Button remove size from your map.

To make use of the extra "terrain" on your map, you need to move the border edges etc.

The above is an explanation on how you enlarge an already existing map. To create a new larger map than the default 500x500, just click in the line where the size is shown and enter, for example, 750x750 and the map will be larger. However, this has a few drawbacks; the editor might crash if you tries to create a too large map and a very large map with a lot of details on it, will be laggy in the game.

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