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I went and took overhead screen shots of all the MP maps...

This way you can see how they designed the maps and also see the size... some are much larger than 500x500... they have to be. I primary example would be the Fields map or the Frontline 4_2x2...

I have been trying the DCG but the AI seems bonked and sometimes doesn't work well at all. Pretty sad that Bestway didn't include a simple skirmish mode with payback for SP play or Coop play vs AI.

So I was thinking... if DCG did it.. I wonder why there are no SP payback maps yet? Maybe it is a MP only mode? I am not sure...

What would be great is just to load a map... choose your sides and the AI picks what it wants at random based on its points. Heck you could even set points prior to game start... set AI with 50 points initially and player with 75... as example.

Soldiers upset me when it didn't have skirmish... and I completely missed Faces... but just got Men of War and love it... but it is like a fancy car missing 1 wheel...

Looking through the archives of FoW history... there are ALOT of maps and mods for that... I don't really need the mods but if we could port the maps and have more massive map packs it would rock. One thing I noticed is you CAN do is load a vanilla map... highlight and copy entities... then open your map and paste the items in your map... handy!

Have you figured out how to do a height brush ... say at height of 5 while the ground level is at 10? Need an easy way to cut flat roads and hill tops without all the guesswork round brushing...
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