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Have you got a points calculator ? Ahh that's right, they show the formula.

Yes I imagine clearing freedom and dwarven mines in a single day to be near impossible with completing all the quests. You'd have to have a really good idea on the exact order that you're going to complete the quests, and have near perfect pathing. It's funny how getting anga's ruby may give you a higher score, so yes, I think that 6 days would give you the highest score + it's more "doable".

Man you'd have to be careful not to miss a single quest.

Still it'd be nice kudos to actually finish it in 5 days.

I do wonder about my choice of paladin. The +15 attack vs undead and demons might be very useful in demonis and undead lands, but yeah I think with mage or warrior this would be easier.

I'll try and do the darion without loss, and then start taking losses at freedom isle as it has to be done rediculously fast, then maybe go back later and see how fast it can be done without loss.
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