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Turtle battle
I didn't have last hero on the turtle battle, I did have royal thorns though. I mainly tanked with the horsemen + archmage shield, and healed the horseman, and eventually had to swap the horse out for thorns occasionally, healed with priests as well. Res'ed with inquisitors. The battle came down to the wire, I had to do 65 damage to kill the turtle with the priests, otherwise the turtle would've killed a non-resurrectable horseman. I think your strat would've been better! Ran back to dirgible with about 2 min spare, skipped anims. (without it I wouldn't have made it -ty.) soooo close.. 0 losses still. Killed him at level 5.

Perfect start:
Restart until you get items you like and royal thorns in bagaba's castle. You have to goto the other frog that wants you to hang his banner on babaga's castle, then back to bag's castle and sometimes royal thorns appear in there. If not, restart. For me, I got banner (+800 leadership) and head piece that gave +400 leadership.

Ok, you need 760 leadership by the time you get to bag castle so you can buy 2 royal thorns without having to backtrack. Always choose leadership on level up.

Aim to have max mana and rage at end of battle, regenerate it with the thorns, poison cloud etc. Start battle with fish attack mostly, don't forget to use zeerocks abilities at start as much as possible to to level him up, esp on easy fights.

I think that all this might be for naught if sacrifice isn't in the starting area though.

So the order I've done it is roughly:
* Do plumes quest.
* (Do nearby easy quests on the way to carl and martha, don't backtrack though because you'll head back this way, grab leadership flags) do bear quest, get beholder quest.
* Get boat to do
* Do carl and martha,
* Do dragon tooth quest,
* Pickup frog princess quest from argus on way back to greenwort, get horsemen if you want them.
* Get chest of rage.
* Do abandoned castle - just run around bad guys.
* Head to swamps, goto swamp see old chivala (by boat cause it's faster)
* Get alchemist quest,
* Progress lost city quest, Carl and martha quest, princess frog quest, bag flag quest
* Goto BAG castle and get royal thorns, hopefully you will have 760 leadership by now.
* Head to greenwort and clear it out, do werewolf quest last, marry rina,
* Do as much of verion forest before having to go kill turtle.
* Clear out verion forest ( this is where I'm up to)
* Clear out Arlina, hand in carl and martha quests, frog princess etc.
* Head to swamps etc

If you know you're gonna head past a place later on, don't bother handing it in until you head past it like the Carl and Martha quest, frog quest etc.

The quests that will be a pain are

* especially enemin quest
* rezo tower ( walk back to hand in)
The above might *have* to be done pre freedom isles. I suspect they might only be possible if you get sacrifice in starting area. c'mon sacrifice..

* Griffins quest ( too much walking ?)
* Titans Tear

* anga's ruby (impossible to do)

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