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By replaying the game I achieved the best first day I ever did. Before Turtle:
  • Level up to 6.
  • Stock in castle and temple troops for refill all troops I need after Turtle plus a little reserve. I only need refill Horsemen for the last refill (third) to get max stack and have a little final reserve before continue.
  • Clear Darion but 2 armies close to Thieves Den and one close to road and not far to Thieves Den.
  • Clear Arlania but Witch Underground and finish Enchanted Love quest + Castle Underground + Magic Range + Rezo Tower + One Hero and the two golems armies plus one weak army to refill rage before golems battles + Griffin quests + Sea Chest quest
  • Clear Verlon but Report Petrified Village success + The two Barbarian quests + the Dragon Wife Quest + Child and Spiders two quests + abandoned Castle Quest + One army close to left castle + 2 Barbarian Armies close to Barbarians quests goal + 2 Armies and a Hero close to Dragon Castle
  • Clear Swamp but one Hero + Report Alchemist Zombie quest started but not done yet + Plus Report Rescue the Frogs quest when done + All Frogs quests but I already started the first quest to do the castle battle and open those quests.
  • I also have sea stuff to do in Verlon and Arlania but that will be included in a circle sea travel including Griffin quests, Sea Chest quest and first Barbarian quest.
  • I have all swamp cemetery to do but I didn't lost more time than for a required Inquisitor refill so didn't lost much time here.
The more funny is that if in previous attempts I never reach level 6 before turtle I'm not fully sure I'll win time in comparison. The point is I already done more in Verlon before Turtle but not a so good troop preparation nor so much in Swamp and Arlania as this include all swamp witches quests done including final report to Carl for Carl and Martha quest. At least all armies and battles still to do in Swamp and Arlania are close to quests still to do except one in Arlania with stuff close by to take.

Also I'm rather well prepared in term of troops and reserve but (and there's a link) I could have done a major class management mistake by taking Reserve 2 too soon. My bet is it's more powerful to have two armies choices at same time for different opponents. At least I did this risked choice not long before doing the turtle so the replay won't be too big.
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