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Default Pe-2 M82

From what I could gather, the Pe-4 was a Pe-2 with Klimov VK-105PF engines. Couldn't find production numbers.

The only other Pe-2 built with a Klimov engine that I could find was the late war Pe-2I, which was a version designed by Vladimir Myasishchev using Klimov VK-107 engines. Only five examples built.

"...but the M-82 engines proved unreliable and the type was not popular."
The M82 engines were in great demand for La-5 production and couldn't really be spared for Pe-2 variant aircraft, not because engines proved unreliable.

The M82 engine with direct fuel injection (M82FN) put the La-5FN on a more or less equal footing with the Bf 109G-2 and the Fw 190A-4 power wise (except at the higher altitudes). The problems the La-5 suffered were not because of the engine, but more due frame and systems structural design issues.

I drew a total blank on any reference to Pe-2 series 244. Nada! Sorry.
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