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Well I finally got a 60fps webcam, and works, it's only been less than a week, so still a lot of time for tweaks, but I have it stable, and have flown most of my missions not using the f6, dog fighting is a blast. I have run into the back of a few guys when things stared moving around at the moment when I needed them to be steady.

It's tiring holding your head steady and making only slight movements to look left and right, but again, it's been less than a week.

Things seem to happen slower when the Fov is always the same. And I am flying faster. I know where the fur ball is more than like likely going to be on the AleXserver, I just can't go in with it under the nose any more. I always went wide, but now I definitely need to. Get a over view, look for a friendly in trouble, (no one ever complains about how many people are shooting at a guy shooting one of us), and swoop in. It really feels like you are floating.

So a good webcam will make a difference with the freetrack noIR.
My old free version has all the centering keys only on the key boards, he has a updated version that you make a donation to get, I don't know if you can assign buttons on your joysticks with it, but that is the only thing this is missing.

Cheers! If I get a "perfect" setup, I'll post it.
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