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Default Intel 945GM mobile gfx chipset


A friend of mine's son bought BoE and is trying to run it on a notebook with an Intel 945GM mobile chipset and he is having issues.

Looking at the recommended specs, it could be just that this chipset is not up to the job but I thought I would post here and see if anyone has managed to get it to work on this chipset. (I had a quick search but couldn't see any related posts)

The game seems to run ok (if a bit slow) but the real problem is that when you turn around there is a section of screen that is just rendered completely white. This section is generally directly behind you when you start a game.

Has anyone else seen this issue? is it related to the chipset or something else (i just noticed on here that there is talk about various patches - maybe this is addressed in one of those....)

I think he bought the game from a 'Game' store in the UK.

Many thanks,


p.s. i've downloaded the latest chipset drivers and set everything to minimum

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