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Originally Posted by mitra View Post
Can you post a screenshot of screen when it go in this status?
Thanks for the quick response.

I'll will try and get them to send me a screenshot and I'll post it here but it may take a while as I was around their house last night when they asked me to look at it...

In the meantime, I can probably give you a better description.

As you rotate your viewpoint, a vertical 'curtain' of white comes into view as if the rendered background is completely white. This 'curtain' extends as low and as high as you can see. As you continue to rotate the viewpoint, the curtain moves across to covers the whole view. If you continue to rotate, you will rotate past the 'curtain' and it will scroll off to the other side. If you then rotate back, you will find it again. It always seems to be directly behind your initial viewpoint towards the south east corner.
You can be anywhere on the map and it is always in the same direction (SW).

You can't see any of the armies figures in the whiteness but you do see their markers (shields? or similar) that denote where the figures are. You also see all the game controls etc, so it is almost like it can't render an area of the 3d world.

I hope that helps, as I said, I will try and get a sceenshot.


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