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Default Repackage Cuban Missile Crisis

Take the Cuban Missile Crisis game. Do not change the engine, the graphics, the tactical maps, strategic maps, etc. Don't spend any money on those expensive components. Leave 95% of it there.

Change the following: Decide what game you want to do (WWII, Vietnam, or Korean War, Syria, Afghanistan/Iraq, or any game you want it to be) and re-sell the game.

Change the:
1 - title of the game
2 - change the units in the game
3 - change the text for the campaigns... then resell it. This is extremely cheap to do, and would maybe take a couple weeks. You could probably get the modding community to do it free of charge if you asked them.

I understand the game may not have sold well the first time, when the market was saturated with RTS. The game market is completely short on an RTS like this one, and has been for a while. This game has the tactical map, strategic maneuver map, and core force concept.

It would be a large payoff at an extremely low cost. It's easy to do, consider it.

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