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Originally Posted by 1Truck View Post
Even though it was already mentioned, traffic lights and speed limit signs would be great. Engine sounds being updated would be nice as well. And since they clearly developed several trucks besides the 13 that are in the game, it would be great to have the Internationals, Macks, Volvo, etc. back in. Even if they have to change the names.

Since I'm waiting for the English version I can't really give many suggestions
I'm actually in the process of doing a write-up on the game at the moment. I don't speak or read Russian though so it's coming from the perspective of someone who has to play the game by feel instead of reading what anything says, which should be interesting, and like Ubaku says, the traffic lights and speed limit signs are a big issue, and you're not the only one looking for the rest of the trucks that were there. I personally want to see them all (even the K100) put back in the game, even with fake names, and I'm addressing that as well. It might end up here in the forums too. Who knows, maybe Softlab will take the concerns about the trucks into consideration.
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