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Game manual:

Space- Starts/stops engine
Up, Down, Left, Righ arrows- steering
Tab- Map
F3- Communicator
Enter- Allows you to enter/use hotel, gas station, service station, bar, office (you'll see a tool tip light up on the screen when you're in range to use enter)
L- Headlights
Ctrl+L- Highbeams
Ctrl+any steering key- more rapid acceleration, harder braking, quicker turn
V- Changes view outside/inside
C- Changes between the three views inside the cab
Num 1-8 - Changes outside view
W- Windshield wipers
E- Engine Brake
B- Parking/Emergency brake
> - Right turn signal
< - Left turn signal
/- Hazards/Emergency blinkers
T- Hook up trailer
U- Radio on/off
J- Switch radio station
i- Change song/track
H- Horn
+/- on number pad- zoom in/out on outside view
F12- Capture Screenshot
Esc followed by furthest option on the left- 911 Emergency/Roadside assistance
X- Reverse
A- Change to N and 1 Gear from Reverse
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