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Thumbs up This Game is good.

After playing for couple of days more I can say that if not taking physic into account this game is really great and really impresed me. Everything looks really serious and realistic. The views that you see while driving, reminds me real driving. You need to drive for a long time, cops are strict so you don't want to go insane,so that keeps driving realistic. The sound have been complained about allot. But after I selected the software system of sounds I can say I like it. The graphics are really awensome,never have seen such a realistic scenery. Trucking part is realistic too smetimes you have to drive around and look for the cargo wich is interesting. Only thing that sadens me is physics. It is really bad, car have no weight at all, but tries to imitate it so that is a really sad thing for such great game. Still controls are quit allright.
For now I'd give it 8/10.

Would be very nice if devs would add, ability to ask for help from other drivers. And that 911 wouldn't fix your truck to the max. Maybe just get you to the nearest repair station.
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