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Originally Posted by USA Trucker View Post
I have been PMing with someone that has the Logitech G25 w/clutch, and he stated that it works perfectly once you program it. I guess it also depends on what steering console you are using. I inquired about it, because I have the same system, and this was the final deciding factor on purchasing this game, when it comes out internationally.
Who told you this?? American friend?? You Americans are accustomed to automatic and semi-so about why I think it's okay. But not. Standing on the spot, will go 1 gear, I let the clutch and it will not happen. To add gas then it gets under way this works both mutant between semi-automatic and manual. Order is similar to the system preferences. That means you did not press the clutch will go higher gear and the game waits until I press the clutch. Until then transferring. Then it works just as code transmission. This is not manual. But the specific mutation, the clutch semi-automatic .....

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