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Originally Posted by pook View Post
Who told you this?? American friend?? You Americans are accustomed to automatic and semi-so about why I think it's okay.
First off, don't judge Americans on what they drive. There are many Americans that drive manual transmissions. I learned on a military jeep (manual) when I was 14. I have driven nothing but manual all my life. I also have been ridding a motorcycle since I was 20. I wouldn't know an automatic transmission if it hit me.

Secondly, the three individuals that told me that the G25 works great sent it to me via Private Message (PM). If they want to address this publicly, that is their decision. I won't break their privacy, just as I wouldn't break yours if you PM me.

I don't have this game yet, so I'll make my final judgment when the game comes out in the US. I know from other driving games that I play that the G25 has to be manually programmed in some cases to get the clutch to work properly, as those individuals also stated to me. I can tell you that these individuals are not from the US.
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