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Originally Posted by Beantower View Post
Yes you do race? Some loads dosent tho, but most of the best paying hauls you have to compete with up to 6 AI trucks? Never tried to come in other that 1st, but I think the payment decrease with the lowering of you placement?
And yes why is that, Ive heard something about this might be how it is in US, to motivate the drivers they pay them for comeing in first, but its not confirmed? Its not like that in Europe.
No. I do not racing. Testing the game and I focus primarily on the shortcomings. I drive all the truckstops, looking for hidden roads and interesting place to see who is more of a city street is the skies. I have always the weakest engine that was as much a not sense of reality. Even the weakest engine in this game to much too much A more powerful engines are becoming more and more nonsense.

I do not understand the principle of truck racing game. What is the interest of the customer, arriving a minute before the store with a broken cargo?? lol. It's better to wait a minute and bring the cargo in order. The whole principle of this game is weird ..
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