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Originally Posted by pook View Post
I tried yesterday to play King of the Road. It's not a simulator. But I must say that the behavior of (physics, physics of semi-trailer, FFB, to some extent, better AI) is much better than the RNR.
How is this possible?? Softlab dismissed clever programmers employed and employ stupid people?? I do not understand how this can be worse.
Is it possible to return this physics, FFB............. to RNR???????? It would be 100% better the physics. Even artificial intelligence run better. Much cut sharply, brakes, but otherwise at certain stages of the run a lot better .....omg.
Yeah I think the same over and over:]

Maybe it's because it's a new engine and the didn't implament some things. Or maybe the spent so much time on the map that they didn't finish it. I hope so. SO Next patches or games would fix it.
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