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Originally Posted by mitra View Post
The config launch is automatic if the game doesn't found the configs files in the players profile directory (normally in documents and settings\"user"\real warfare 1242 of your PC). Probably in some mode they are deleted each time you stop the game, foricing the game to relaunch the config. Verify after have stopped the game what appears in this directory.
The is such directory in documents, and there are few files, but how could I know what is missing? Game ask to "apply" changes, so I do so and next time same situation "You have to configure your video settings..." .

In the documents folder there are files:


in profiles
<my profile> is profile file
Engine : struct.begin
ScreenResolution : struct.begin
Width = 1680
Height = 1050
Frequency = 60
HDRType = htPseudoHDR
DOFEnable = True
AntiAliasing = aaDefault
TextureFilteringQuality = tfNone
WaterReflection = wrmUltra
ShadowMap = 2048
ShadowMapEnabled = True
HorizonRenderEnabled = True
ShaderType = stSM30
CoverEnabled = True
CoverPPLEnabled = False
SelfShadowingTerrain = False
PFX = True
Sound : struct.begin
svgMusic = 0.17
svgAmbient = 0.5
svgSFX = 0.53
svgVoice = 1
svgInterface = 1
Master = 0.65

I can write screenshots, so It means game has access to its directory in documents, but doesn`t remember configuration... It is a little bit frustrating to configure it manually during every start.

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