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Data delivery to Placid Docks station in Aurora: A number of ways to do this one of course but I think I may have found a bugged one.

1st choice: Stick to the edges instead of taking the direct path
2nd choice: When accosted by MSF agree to follow the route they lay out to attract the pirates
Follow the route to it's conclusion. In my game by the time I got to the last waypoint the pirates were already attacking close to the MSF station so while the chaos reigned I slipped away and headed through the next portal on my route. I got mission complete tag as I reached the last waypoint.

By doing this I did not anger the MSF and as a result they were not hostile and the trip to Aurora went without incident. On arrival at the Placid Docks station however there was no contact dialogue and I am unable to complete the task.

Same mission:
Choice 1: Take the direct route through the system. When you see the traders being attacked don't interfere. In the next and all following systems the MSF have now become hostile. Wasn't the non-interference option supposed to prevent this?

Same mission:
On route to Aurora I decided to try for the slightly longer journey and made for the portal to Kruger. Halfway to the portal mothership engines just stopped and from that moment you are stuck, unable to move in any direction. If this was put in place to stop the player from avoiding the MSF scripts in the next system it's a poor way of doing it and works too well as the only option is to load up a saved game.

Wingman AI:
The AI routines for the wingman need some work. Using Ternie as the wingman she does not stay on Hero's wing so to speak but goes off on her own to attack different targets or groups of targets that are further away. This takes her out of range for remote repair etc. and results in her ship being destroyed as she is way outnumbered.
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