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Arrow When Creating Mods.

Those of you that are creative enough to Mod this game. I, and I'm sure others would greatly appreciate that you test your creation a length to verify that it actually works on your game, and is compatible with the English version since this is the English forum for R'n'R. Also give explicit instructions as to where these files go. Proof-read your post, and use spell-check so that we can all read, and understand your posts correctly without guessing what you mean.

I appreciate all of your hard work to make this game that much more enjoyable, but in the past 2 weeks I have been receiving some complaints that the Mods don't work as intended. Now I don't know if these people are installing it incorrectly, or the instructions are poorly written, or not written at all. I'm not going to name names because this would be counter productive, but I ran into some of these problems myself. If there are some tech problems, or issues please list them, so that we are aware of them.

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