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i am more interested about customize the level details of the trees. for me, i want low level details on trees. I don't want put so much resources of the machine on that. Il-2 trees for me please. the trees that oleg show us are more complex than ArmA2, i cant waste memory and resources on that!

And the objet range visibility more than 50km(houses trees), for, if in some Years I buy (hope) a I8,

And , will be good that in sow put a dynamic aleatory mission, like are in ArmA2. Is calling "Spec op" and is amazing, hours and hours playing arma2.

And, again, i don't have totally convinced about the tracer bullets. can be better

For the rest, all is amazing. The new skins of the Bf 109 is exactrly like i want it. nice job.

Is a little shine that Gladiator and Fiat Falco are not flyable. But i can live with that

And confirm please if will be a virtual map in the cockpit. can be in the legs of the pilot (legs is the word?)
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