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I am wondering on truckpol igor said that Rig n roll is in testing mode but you guys still say it is in developement. Why is the information different.

the definition of developement is that something is currently being made or modified and to be in a process of developing would mean you are still working on it like making new trucks models and so forth.

Like igor says ok we are testing so it will be out soon
but you guys say it isnt and still in developement and igor doesnt know what he is talking about

can we get a straight answer because i am sure that some people are wondering the same as well.

Dont get me wrong i like how the game looks and that you guys take time in making this game and making sure that bugs will be fixed.

A little bit of information maybe on here would be enough like instead of updating the rig n roll site just tell us something like " the whole team is playing multiplayer mode" to find the bugs and here is a pic of our company employees driving on the game and have a pic of 2 trucks back and a message of maybe igor tells another person that there is a cop up on that road so slow down.

i hope you understand what i am trying to say
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