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I guess some planes have more controls than others. Fuel supply, electric system, master switch, magnetos, etc, turn on the whole lot if it's present. Then crack the throttle a bit and go to full RPM prop pitch.

The important thing to remember is that apparently the game models the entire sequence/checklist apart from individual starter characteristics, which are triggered by the "I" key. That's a good compromise, since some aircraft had onboard starters while others depended on external sources (eg, the mechanics turning the intertia starter's flywheel with the crank as we see in many wartime videos).

Mind you i haven't finished installing it just yet, but that's what i managed to gather from the posts around here. Also, this is very interesting and it tells me they did model it the correct way, similar to what A2A does in their accusim add-ons for FSX:

Originally Posted by scorpac View Post
everything you did was right. when you got all settings press I to start the engine. when it begins to run you must play with the throttle to keep it running
This is realistic, not every start attempt should be successful and engines will sputter and stall if not taken care of, at least until they are sufficiently warmed up.

There are two effects i'm curious about and would like to know if they are present.

a) Has anyone tried a start in really cold weather? It should be much more difficult to start the engine, at least when temperature effects are enabled in the realism options.

b) Damage from excessive torque, is it modeled? The easiest way to test this would be to go full throttle, pick up some speed and then adjust pitch to obtain the lowest RPM value possible (ie, full coarse pitch). In most cases like this something should probably break and/or the manifold pressure gauge should indicate a big rise, as the engine is trying to run full tilt but is held back by the prop turning too slow.
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