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Default My approach

I get a lot of altitude, reduce speed, dive, drop the gear, hone in on the target, drop the bomb, gear up out of dive and repeat. In sim unless the bombs are huge it takes a bit of practice. I prefer the fighters (190f) or stuka. If you perfect defending youself while flying a bomb ladden fighter in sim mode let me know. I'm pretty sure every plane I choose pulls a target banner.
Originally Posted by WildBoar44 View Post
Hi JR..........tried that my friend.....if in Wireless Controller (Option 1) , yes the X button set's the trim...she's nice and Aviator Setting Layout 3 (I think).....X...becomes the GunFire button and no longer sets the trim...

I can set the trim in Wireless Controller with X....flick over to Aviator Layout 3 and it's now set.....Until I crash / shotdown and I have to set it up over this time Very annoying .......any other idea's ?
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