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Our Squad was already split by IL-2 vanilla/mods as far as preference was concerned but we bit the bullet and continued in vanilla '46 so that we could continue to fly together. Just making the point that we are committed to the Squad and eachother to a large extent.

When CoD came out it fragmented us badly, largely due to the basic playability/bugs of the game which put a lot of our guys off and also due to the PC spec requirements which even now, generally speaking, need to be at the high end. As a result we had only about 25% of our regulars flying in CoD. A few stayed in '46, one or two simply stopped flying and curiously the majority of the rest went to RoF, temporarily as it turned out. I guess we were all just ready for a new sim after so many years in IL-2.

However following release of the last CoD patch and some more of our guys upgrading their PCs we now have 14 guys able to fly in CoD. Of these 11 fly regularly but include 4 new guys (only 7 'old hands' regulars). Another 2 old hands have only just become CoD capable so should be regulars soon. 2 more old hands can fly CoD but aren't regulars due to life's commitments.

So we have about 70% of the old hands converted to CoD plus 4 new guys.

Having said that we still aren't happy with some fundamental flaws like the memory leak, disappearing dots and, to a lesser extent, the FMs which desperately need sorting out.

But its positive and improving.
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