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Default Hey there

Just watched the trailer of the game and enjoyed it so far.
I also rade an article and this is where I found this discussion board adress, then I signed up.

Maybe I can proceed with the few questions that I have in mind.
  1. From the trailer this game looks pretty much like an hack&slash, is it just in appearance or it feels like playing hack&slash?
  2. I've read something about "PvPve" feature of the game, it quickly came to my mind MOBA (dota-like).
    Will this feature be close to what Dota-like is?
  3. We have no words yet about classes, how many of them will be in the game?

Ok here was my questions anyway, I don't know if anyone can provide answers, but since I just signed up here, I felt like posting my first message and to ask my questions straight away
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