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Anyone out there who doesn't know and is wondering what this Steam stuff is all about can install it and have a look for themselves -

I'm hoping they've just made the Steam requirement compulsory for using the game's built-in server-browsing features, and that we can still use third-party utilities like Hyperlobby, by-passing the in-game browser and Steam altogether if we want to, but I kind of doubt it. I thought the fact that they're effectively using two forms of DRM/activation, SolidShield's and Steam's, might make that so, but looking into it I see there are several other games out there that require both SolidShield and Steam activation. So...

While there is the slim possibility that Ubisoft's decision to require activation via SolidShield DRM means it may not be necessary to use Steam at all, the chances are, they've just added that in on top of Steam's built-in activation requirements.

Not enough information at this point to be absolutely sure about it. But, "Please note that the game will also use the Steam platform for services such as matchmaking, anti-cheat etc… So you will need a Steam account to play the game.", probably does mean, short of cracked versions, you will in fact need to download and install and make a Steam account in order to play online, and to activate your copy of the game even if you then just play off-line.

xxxx happens.

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