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Originally Posted by whatnot View Post
Is Valve really a company that is in the business to make money?! That's downright immoral for a wanting to make money like that! There they are, all over the internet, offering consumers a platform that enables online purchase of PC games and automatic upgrades. Outrageous!

And what really makes me sick is that they collect information! It's my information and I will never give it to anyone, especially companies! If I do they might be able to offer me products that I'm interested in!
That alone would have been enough to abandon ship but now hearing that those bastards have the nerve to send their customers an email! That's it, no CoD for me! I will never be their Steam Boy!

Viva la liberaciĆ³n!
My point is about privacy and end user control over their own PC. It is not about the morality of making money in a business venture. Example. Door salesman used to come to my house all the time to try and sell me something. I used to be polite and answer the door and listen. After a while it got to be a real drag having to listen to their sales pitch and waste my time. So now I just don't answer the door and they leave me alone. Life is better.
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