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Originally Posted by Kodoss View Post
Should be written "Die Brylcreemer". You could also write "Die Brylcremer".
The secound one would be denglisch (mixture of english and german/deutsch).

Product: "Brylcreem"
"cream" in german is "Creme"
>> "Brylcreme"
No, no, no....'Brylcreem' is a product name, deliberately mis-spelled so it would still be 'Brylcreem' in any language imo.

Although as with footballer - 'Fussballer', plural 'Fussballer' Ah. Yes. I take your point, 'Die Brylcreemer' it is. I stand corrected.

(sorry, I can't do those big double 's' thingies on my keyboard, or umlauts. will someone please tell me how? Thx ).
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