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Default v4.14.1 il2fb.exe and Mousewheel Issues

Assigning a greater than 2mb allocation to the il2fb.exe, either with CFF Explorer or with a third party 4mb patch, renders the .exe unusable. After the change the game doesn't start, just like what happened before the patch. 4mb accessibility is given to all my other exe's that need it, but IL2 is now the only one that has a fit about it. This was never an issue before 4.14.

Also, the mouse wheel scroll speed is way too slow. Been that way since 4.14 dropped. Is there any way this can be user adjusted, either a notepad entry or otherwise?

It's great that IL2 is still supported and the improvements are appreciated, but little issues like these render the game almost unusable, at least for me.

If I'm missing something obvious please let me know.

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