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Bf 110 vs Pe-3bis, 2 vs 2.
I just realised that initial task was set for low altitude.
Decided to try again.
Bf 110F2 veterans, AI Pe-3bis aces.
50% fuel both sides.
QMB, Moscow winter map, 500 m.

"Cover me" order to wingman and turn into Pe-3bis immediately after the head on pass. Then focus on the higher one or the closest one. Sometimes Pe starts to climb - and it gets more difficult for Bf 110, sometimes they prefer to turn - little chance for them to win turning contest unless their gunners "help". Head on attacks of Pe-3bis are the most dangerous for me. Otherwise, it's just a bit of patience and avoiding gunners fire.

Important remark:
One big - really big - advantage of Bf 110 is ammo supply. In Pe-3/3bis I fire from 250-300m. In Bf-110 I fire from 500m and up and sometimes manage to score good hits from 700m. Basically, I just don't care about ammo in short time mission in Bf 110 and fire at any suitable occasion but have to restrain myself in Pe-3/3bis. Same with gunners. UBT of Pe-3bis is nice machine gun, but 200 rounds is just not enough.

Next time I have to try 110E2 and 110D - the latter without Dachshund's belly, of course. Should be interesting...
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