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Originally Posted by Ubaku View Post
Yes exactly, he was trying to test the damage physics. And from what we seen it looks good.
Yes, it looks so real. The glass broken it's just great. But I'm not going to crash my truck almost never. I only say, that it would be fine to see real driving physics with soft brakes, carefull turns, etc. just how a real truck does, and a little bit more about views, traffic behaviour, how's L.A. in the game, what else can you do in truck stops, maybe see a pair of characters... and I'm not talking about sound, because you can't hear anything in that crowdy place, but trucks sounds and radio is so important, there's other ways to show us.

I'm sure there's a lot of nice details after 6 years, and I'm curious about it, don't you? Please, show us some of them, not only drunk driving.
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