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Originally Posted by Flying Pencil View Post
The game will have AI versions of the Supermarine Walrus (pictured behind Bf-110) and possibly He-115 (some in-progress images posted in past).

You pilot is shot down over channel and is now playing in a rubber dinghy.
You "borrow" another avatar to mount a rescue, with an escort of fighters.

Success: you continue with your player character with little loss to player.
Fail: Loose lots of points, or the character.

Can extend to Online play too!
"Save Herr Galland!"

This is going to be really helpfull in the event,

there is actually, an On-line War at some point in time.

(I can't imagine how because there are no sectors to advance in this scenario)

where you get the chance to include in all missions (both Sides) an A/C that can resque the downed pilot (s) flown by a Human.

At this point you would have to figure out the way this action gets acretited and the points received. (other wise almost no-one would fly the resque Flying Boat )

At any rate i'm all for the flying boats!

Can we have them anytime it is comfortable for the team please ?

Ps. Chute Killing is an extremely un-ethical action to take place especially in a simulated enviroment and IMO should be penalised.

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