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I've spent time on an add-on catalina for FSX on a friend's PC and it's a downright beauty (it's also a mere 5km/h faster in cruise than my 15 year old nissan sunny, but that's another story ).

I've always liked the less well-known actions of the air war (for example, i can't wait to fly nightfighters or pathfinders at some time in the future) and i have a soft spot for flying boats and seaplanes so i'm all for the inclusion of such missions, if not on the stock campaigns then in the form of FMB triggers so we can use them in our own custom made missions and online scenarios.
We've all been in a DF server keeping track of available planes and pilots, imagine if we could pick up our downed pilots and replenish our teams counters

Flying a complicated multi engined aircraft, low and slow amid terrible weather, trying to be as stealthy as possible, fighting both the enemy and the natural elements and to top if off, imagine it's done with a human crew in multiplayer, while trying to locate that rubber dinghy or looking for a U-boat would be a totally different kind of fun but still great fun
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War is usually the massacre of young people that don't know each other for the sake of old people who don't fight and know each other.
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