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1) It is a game (WWII Air combat Simulation)

2) You actually shoot at nothing (moving pixels)

- so far all this, is correct.

However, when playing On-line and at the other end there's another person,

then shooting at a bailing pilot or a crippled, soon to crash land, single, 2 or 4 engine AC,

Illustrates exactly how uncultured, disturbed, dysfunctional & antisocial someone is

Exactly because of the above 2 agreed upon thesis.


Because you will get your points anyway ..aren't you ...??

So what are you really after with this behaviour???

My answer to that is ... a revenge against society because of your
challenged state. (psychological - emotional - etc ...)

This kind of behaviour is one of a very dark matter ....

by the way all is OFF TOPIC guys !!!!!!

back to Flying Boats please eh?
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