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Forgive me for my ignorance but I have been away from PC gaming and IL2 for a couple years.(turned into somewhat of a PS3 and 360 fanboy)

Is this Cliffs of Dover the much anticipated Battle of Britain? They changed the name and went for name recognition?

Im very interested in hearing opinions from the old vets of the franchise. Those who were flying with me back in 2001-2008. What do you guys think? I respect your opinions and I am very anxious to hear what you guys think. I guess I waited on this game so long it kinda just faded from my memory a bit. I still got my CH gear and TIR and it would be great to get up and flying again.

If you could shoot me a PM detailing what has changed and how the UI and online is I would greatly appreciate it.


FYI I will refuse to refer to this games as COD....bad memories.

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