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Originally Posted by DayGlow View Post
To be fair, the forum would have calmed down in a few days. It is brand new and in all honesty there isn't much to be discussed about CloD in it's current forum. A lot of people that popped up in this forum are community members that have been with Il2 and now CloD since the beginning so to say that they came from nowhere is a little off.

Yes there were some out of bound posts, but those could have been easily been dealt with on an individual basis instead of the sweeping decision to delete every post from people that haven't met an arbitrary number that doesn't reflect their actual contribution to this community as it is over 10 years old and spans across multiple forums.
This ^

But all the anal over-reaction is interesting too, considering the lack of anything to discuss in the main forum at this point.

And please don't be too hard on Mastiff since it's obvious he's ovulating right now and likely feeling a bit delicate.
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