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I know a mod position is volunteer, my opinion is simply the same amount of effort to delete posts based on post count could have been used to moderate offending posts themselves.

I do disagree with the assertion that this community exists in this forums as a vacuum. CloD has been in development for over 5 years and is build on a very large community from Il2 that is over 10 years old. As CloD slow gestates into a viable sim more and more community members will be coming out of the woodwork, especially since the official forum space has moved from the zoo to here. To dismiss them as not loyal community members is a mistake, IMHO.

This forum appeared as a shiny new thing while many of us are in a holding pattern waiting for CloD to mature. The small posting frenzy would have blown over in a day or two as things settle down.

But all of this is IMHO and in the end it's your playground and your rules so I'll do my best to follow them.
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