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Originally Posted by Sternjaeger II View Post
I'm sorry man, but that sounds a bit biased. You're not keeping into account the sheer imbalance in numbers: the USAAF only could put up 10 to 50 times more planes than the Luftwaffe. Despite these tremendous numbers, there still are circa 100 German pilots with at least 100 kills in their combat career. Considering the conditions in which they fought, with inferior machines, lower numbers and difficult logistics, saying that the Allies had better pilots is ludicrous to say the least.

FF-It always interests me how the pro-lufty minimize the fact the Luftwaffe was out numbered at least 6 to 1 on in the VVS favor when the Germans invaded Russia. Yet the vast majority of the Luftwaffe kills and aces were scored in this target rich environment. However, when facing the cleary superior aircraft and pilots in the west and they get their ass handed to them, now their outnumbered and their pilots are all one armed, one eyed fourteen year olds.

I would say that the worst conditions were in the Pacific, but the best pilots is based on what assumptions? Pacific pilots didn't have to face enormous flak barrages, being bounced by skilled wolfpacks etc.. sure, the conditions were harsher and the odds of surviving smaller if shot down over the sea, but this doesn't make them better pilots. As per navigation skills, they all relied on the same training and methods, if anything it's easier to navigate at sea because you can rely on good instruments or star navigation, and make less errors by spotting landmarks and confusing them with something else.
FF-I would venture to guess you have not piloted an aircraft in an environment where all you that is visable is water. Trying to lacate a small island landin strip in the middle of the ocean is very difficult on a clear day. An aircraft carrier is an insignificent dot, that is rolling up and down and pitching side to side. Try linning this up with the ships nav. light off at dusk or early evening, or take off fully loaded for attack. I would say with a reasonable amount of certainy the concentration of AAA on a capital warship is greater than any ground based AAA cofiguration.
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