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if the original AI was that much better, teamfusion should be able to restore that part of the original code i think (since they have access to the game code, and the AI behavior is a very specific sub section of that code)

iirc the main problem at release time was the fact CoD in-game video didnt run smoothly even for high end pc's at the time running low detail settings.

it would be interesting to see the original released version of CoD running on a high end spec gaming pc with 2018 hardware, and see if this solved the original video micro-stutter problem.

the game looked visually stunning at the time (great lighting effects and textures etc) , but that hurried forced release at the last moment without correcting this very important grafix bug (which they had been struggling with for 6 or 9 months) is what really killed the game.

in the following months, with 1C cutting most staff and funding, and various patches cutting big chunks out of the code in an attempt to reduce cpu/gpu load to make the game run smoothly it really degraded a lot of other good elements of the game (video quality in partic ). they also tried rewriting other parts of the gfx engine in an attempt to fix the microstutter bug, but had very few staff to do this and almost no time from the 1C bosses, then 1C cut all funding and stopped the project (a complete waste after so many years of hard work and great ideas)

give TF (at their forum) some suggestions about reintroducing the old AI routines maybe :
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